We pride ourselves in offering high performance services, with a special kick to them; all services are low cost whilst offering the best quality possible - no compromises!
High Performance High Performance
Using the best quality servers, offering unrivalled performance, the competitors have the floor wiped from them! Put simply, the performance of our servers is unmatched.
All You Can Eat Traffic All You Can Eat Traffic
“One of a kind!”, we have been called! All of our services are compete with All You Can Eat Traffic, meaning we impose zero limits on the data you utilise. No sneaky, hefty traffic fees imposed on you!
Super Speedy Network Super Speedy Network
Our network is what makes us tick – everything which we host, is based on our  super fast network which is super speedy across the world thanks to our high performance fiber network which globally operates!


Our bundle costs £4.99/month. No excuses, no nothing! Put simply, we provide web hosting, a VPN account and a domain for just £4.99/month. Simples! There are no tricks, no cons and certainly no hidden print regarding our service.

It really is as simple as it gets, anybody can now be a secure, webmaster!


Reliable Network Reliable Network
Our network is reliable. Fact. Other providers don’t like this and is why we take so much pride in ensuring everything is working. You’ll be guaranteed to receive a working service with us.
Your Business Online Your Business Online
We promise, you will have your business online within sixty days! We’ll do everything we can, at our capacity, to ensure your website gets online as fast as possible!
Free Complimentary Support Free Complimentary Support
We all wished things in life were free. But, stop – wait! We provide free complimentary customer support which expands to technical queries irrelevant to your service! We, simply, care about you!
24/ 7 Customer Care 24/ 7 Customer Care
Reiterating on our free complimentary care, we have technicians online 24/7 to ensure your query is answered within 24 hours. If it isn’t, we’ll apply £1.00 in compensation to your account!
99.9% Service Accessibility 99.9% Service Accessibility
99.9% service accessibility or a pro-rated amount back to your account via credit. Really, we are genuine and know there are issues which happen, but we pride ourselves in knowing these issues are not common!
Daily Data Back Up Daily Data Back Up
Every single website we host is backed up in some form at least every week, so in the event of something uncertain, we have your files and can restore your data without any loss. Because we care.


We really try to make our bundle as attractive as ever! Three items are included, and you can choose to skip one, if you wish!
Web Hosting
Unlimited cPanel web hosting. Purely unlimited! That includes storage, bandwidth, domains, databases and e-mail accounts. Plus, 99.9% uptime, too, to top everything off! Open a ticket at support to claim your web hosting plan!
With every Encrypt My Net bundle, you get a VPN account which supports up to five devices in over 40 different countries. Don’t forget, you can connect via PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN; connected at 1Gbit/s per device.
Your domain name
We provide a local domain name for you, for NO extra cost in eligible countries! You really have nothing to lose when ordering our package, you can get your business online in minutes! Open a ticket to claim your domain!


Contact us via our client area; where we'll be delighted to answer your query! Our staff are active 24 hours a day & 7 days a week so you will get a guaranteed answer within 24 hours. That's a pinky promise and we will not let you down!